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Design festival

Well last Saturday [30/08/08] I went to London to visit the Design Museum on Shad Thames. It was a bit disappointing that there were only two exhibitions on. But I did find out about the London Design Festival and it looks set to be big.

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It’s a small world

Okay so I’m still sort of new to this whole social network idea so it does surprise me when I can mention something out of the blue and the person or company in question comes and comments on it or adds me on Twitter.

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Resources I’ve found

Pinch, punch, first day of the month and all that jazz. Today I thought I’d put together some brushes, textures and useful bits and bobs that I’ve found over time.

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Freelancing my time

Well the Summer holidays are a very long break and after my first year at WSA I can’t help but want to go back there now. But until I eventually do start my new term I’ve got to keep myself busy.

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Okay not really relevant to anything but it’s my birthday. Doesn’t change too much, except I’ve got to change all the 18’s I mention to 19.

Photosynth released

Well that seems a bit of a fluke, not a week after reminding myself about Photosynth they’ve released it as a desktop client. I learnt about it from this article linked to on Digg.

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There’s always some form of revolutionary new technology just about to come round the corner but when it finally does get round that corner something else is promising something even more impressive. But here are a few I thought were quite impressive.

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