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Freelancing my time

Well the Summer holidays are a very long break and after my first year at WSA I can’t help but want to go back there now. But until I eventually do start my new term I’ve got to keep myself busy.

I only recently found it (and that was because of imjustcreative‘s Twitter feed) but crowdSPRING is becoming my favourite way to past the time. Admittedly I haven’t won anything yet but I enjoy keeping my mind thinking of Designs and Logos.

After only a few days I’ve begun receiving ‘personal requests’ from buyers complementing me on my designs and asking me to submit a design for their project. I find this suspicious and more probably a wide spectrum spam message to drum up interest. Hopefully though there isn’t some easy way of messaging lots of people.

Unrelated but useful all the same, the above image was captured using WebSnapShot which is a little program on Adobe’s AIR that can take screenshots of full web pages at a size you specify as well as ordinary screenshots and automatic thumbnails.

I also went to the Design Museum on Shad Thames today, however with poor planning on my part there weren’t many exhibitions on but the two that were there were still interesting. Found out about the London Design Festival, might stay at my Winchester house and get a week long Train ticket so I can go up and visit the events.

I have noticed that my blog posts seem to be more elaborate Twitters with just as much structure and as the idea fades from my head the entry just trails off but that just seems to be my writing style.


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  Ross wrote @

Thanks so much for posting your note about crowdSPRING. We’ve not made it easy to message lots of people – even for ourselves! We encourage buyers to look at portfolios and work in projects and invite people whose work they like. Many buyers do this. If you get a generic note – ask the buyer for specifics – what specifically did they like about your work…

Thanks for choosing to work on crowdSPRING!


Ross Kimbarovsky

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