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It’s a small world

Okay so I’m still sort of new to this whole social network idea so it does surprise me when I can mention something out of the blue and the person or company in question comes and comments on it or adds me on Twitter.

I’ve got to get used to the idea that they’re all valid communication routes but to have your Broadband provider add me on Twitter just seemed very abstract. I’m not even sure how Be Broadband did it. 

Okay so I recently added Be Broadband to my University home after a year or two of easy going at home. I suppose my account name is the same as everywhere else so perhaps they searched me?

It’s happened to me with, crowdSPRING and when I was using LiveJournal the posting client I used tracked down a remark I made about it (it had a bug at the time).

Starting to get bored of this really thin posting area, kinda restricting for a designer to post things after all, but I really like the other three columns with all my stuff in.

Hmm, I’ll think about it.



  Ben Matthews wrote @

Hi Craig,

Be Broadband has been using Twitter for a while now, but we wanted to engage with our members so have started reaching out to people on Twitter.

We ran a search on for mentions of “Be Broadband” and started following people that had mentioned Be (we couldn’t just do “be” as a search term, as that would’ve been useless…)

Hopwe this is ok, but if not we’ll stop ‘following’ you on Twitter.

BTW, the blog design looks cool!


(On behalf of Be Broadband)

  Angeline wrote @

Hi Craig!
Just wanted to echo Ben’s sentiments. Customer service and relations is one of the defining points of crowdSPRING. We believe that it’s important that you know were’ listening to your thoughts and opinions! Therefore, we use the search tool on Twitter to see who’s talking about us and what they’re saying. Makes it much easier to solve problems, address concerns, and just say hello. 🙂

..and I actually like the columns on your site. I get the length issue, but I have a one column thin layout on my personal blog, which I enjoy the aesthetics of.

Hope you’re having fun on our site!


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