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Okay not really relevant to anything but it’s my birthday. Doesn’t change too much, except I’ve got to change all the 18’s I mention to 19.


More on me

I’d been meaning to set up a more design related blog for awhile but only after reading this article on Freelance Switch did I get round to doing it. Admittedly I’m not really a freelancer, or anything really, but the advice was good nonetheless.

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Every so often there are these certain companies that just have that charming feel about them. They work hard and try their best to stick to their values. Of the top of my head I can think of two such companies; Moo and Innocent.

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It’s strange to think really, but before seeing films like Love Actually I wasn’t that interested in books or possessing them. I always thought that the Internet has a lot of the information I need, but it doesn’t really.

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Setting up

Well first up an introduction. I’m Craig Baldwin an 18 year old second year at the Winchester School of Art studying Graphic Arts and Photography but specialising in Graphic Design and the use of Aperture and Final Cut Studio.

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