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Design festival

Well last Saturday [30/08/08] I went to London to visit the Design Museum on Shad Thames. It was a bit disappointing that there were only two exhibitions on. But I did find out about the London Design Festival and it looks set to be big.

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Freelancing my time

Well the Summer holidays are a very long break and after my first year at WSA I can’t help but want to go back there now. But until I eventually do start my new term I’ve got to keep myself busy.

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Website redesigns

I recently added me on to my Blogroll, it’s under my old moniker but that’s because my account is now padded out with song plays and accurately represents what my music taste is and would take ages to replace if I made a new acccount. I love and use it fairly regularly so I was pleasantly surprised when I went on one day to find it had been redesigned.

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It’s strange to think really, but before seeing films like Love Actually I wasn’t that interested in books or possessing them. I always thought that the Internet has a lot of the information I need, but it doesn’t really.

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Well just something quick, a friend of mine is doing an Internship at an NXP office in Southampton, at University he studies Computer Science and he’s great but that’s not the focus of this post. Apparently he’s working on a toolkit that comes with their chips.

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