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It’s a small world

Okay so I’m still sort of new to this whole social network idea so it does surprise me when I can mention something out of the blue and the person or company in question comes and comments on it or adds me on Twitter.

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Okay not really relevant to anything but it’s my birthday. Doesn’t change too much, except I’ve got to change all the 18’s I mention to 19.


Since deciding I should read more I’ve been buying Creative Review and Design Week to give myself a few into the weekly happenings of the industry that I’m preparing myself to enter. But as with everything it’s got its own opinion and sometimes I don’t necessarily agree.

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Every so often there are these certain companies that just have that charming feel about them. They work hard and try their best to stick to their values. Of the top of my head I can think of two such companies; Moo and Innocent.

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Well with MobileMe set to go live sometime today I thought now would be a good oppurtunity for me to say how good it looks set to be. There are probably alternatives that I’ve never heard of but Apple’s solution seems the most streamlined and easy to use.

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