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I’d been meaning to set up a more design related blog for awhile but only after reading this article on Freelance Switch did I get round to doing it. Admittedly I’m not really a freelancer, or anything really, but the advice was good nonetheless.

One of the pieces of advice they gave however seemed a little pointless:

Since we’re looking at this as a marketing tool, after that you should be writing about your field of work. Write with authority and establish yourself as an expert on what you do.

Now if everyone established themselves as an expert in their chosen field things would get a little complicated. And it’s clear to me that I’m not an expert in my chosen field, partly because I don’t really have one currently and also because I’m still learning and there are plenty of others who I feel are better than me.

I’m not saying this because I think people shouldn’t hire me because people are better than me, that’s not how things work, and I’m not out to sabotage myself. Obviously I’d charge less than the best do, and really I don’t see myself Freelancing; I much prefer the idea of a steady and secure working environment.

Over the past year at University I’ve maintained a good production quality and finish to my final pieces. But when you go mainstream and production is taken out of your hands then what I’m left with is determination and commitment.

Also whilst reading Freelance Switch I found what looks like an interesting idea for Moleskin books. Now I’ve never had a Moleskin book before and but this has got me interested (I’ve simply used WSA sketchbooks instead).


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