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Website redesigns

I recently added me on to my Blogroll, it’s under my old moniker but that’s because my account is now padded out with song plays and accurately represents what my music taste is and would take ages to replace if I made a new acccount. I love and use it fairly regularly so I was pleasantly surprised when I went on one day to find it had been redesigned.

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Initial Problems

Well Apple sure had an eventful past few days. They tried to roll out about four different things and most of them failed and fell to pieces. Of course I suppose I can’t imagine the complexity of rolling out all their new stuff in so many territories. But still, you thought they could.

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Mac: one year on

Well today marks one year since I bought my MacBook Pro, it was only a few days after they’d released the Santa Rosa touting ones, I didn’t get the Penryn equipped ones because they came out too late. Still as long as you had it on a table rather than your lap (they even warn you about this) it wasn’t painful to use.

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Well with MobileMe set to go live sometime today I thought now would be a good oppurtunity for me to say how good it looks set to be. There are probably alternatives that I’ve never heard of but Apple’s solution seems the most streamlined and easy to use.

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