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Website redesigns

I recently added me on to my Blogroll, it’s under my old moniker but that’s because my account is now padded out with song plays and accurately represents what my music taste is and would take ages to replace if I made a new acccount. I love and use it fairly regularly so I was pleasantly surprised when I went on one day to find it had been redesigned.

The out-dated ‘Web 2.0’ look was wearing thin when every website was using the same sort of style so it’s so refreshing to see these sites change their appearance. Not long ago and Facebook changed their look, and I think the results are pretty impressive.

New website look

Everything seems so in place and functional now the website has been redesigned around all the new content they have. The recommendations just seem so more accessible, listening now they seem pretty accurate in saying who they think I’ll like as well.

I’m the sort of person who likes new stuff, I think change is good, gives things a fresh new look and renews my desire to use their website as I find all the new stuff and changes.

If you don’t already use it I recommend you do, all you need to do is download the Audioscrobbler (Mac and PC, not sure about Linux) and an account and then you’re set for a excellent way of tracking your music.


Now I probably don’t really need to say much about it as probably everyone and their cat has been to Facebook recently, but the redesign might not have been rolled out to you yet. The image above links to the new look page. (

I was never a big fan of the masses of applications all over the place, it made it difficult finding the information I wanted, so I’m glad they’ve all been tucked up under a drop down menu and in a different tab. It also feels a lot more spaced out probably because it’s fixed wider now.

Just quickly I’ve been trying out the WordPress iPhone App and I can’t say it’s that impressive at the moment, keeps hiding some menus and doesn’t seem to be working entirely they’d be hoping I imagine.


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