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More on me

I’d been meaning to set up a more design related blog for awhile but only after reading this article on Freelance Switch did I get round to doing it. Admittedly I’m not really a freelancer, or anything really, but the advice was good nonetheless.

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Since deciding I should read more I’ve been buying Creative Review and Design Week to give myself a few into the weekly happenings of the industry that I’m preparing myself to enter. But as with everything it’s got its own opinion and sometimes I don’t necessarily agree.

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Passing the time

Well ahead of me lies a vast expanse of time known as the Summer holidays. Course Britain being the classy country it is it’s been raining the past week, but that won’t dampen my spirits, just my hair, that’s generally uncontrollable anyway. But to keep me occupied during the Summer months I have a few plans to do with the Summer project that WSA set me before I left.

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