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Since deciding I should read more I’ve been buying Creative Review and Design Week to give myself a few into the weekly happenings of the industry that I’m preparing myself to enter. But as with everything it’s got its own opinion and sometimes I don’t necessarily agree.

The most recent issue of Creative Review talked about a strange collection of people. Some things I didn’t really want to see were there such as that rapper music video and the model maker, it seemed very crude.

July 2008

And really when I think about it I don’t really read Creative Review that much, sometimes I find it’s layout confusing, I mean I find EDGE’s layout (a game magazine) much easier to understand and navigate through. I regularly read Design Week but I suppose that because I find it more useful and don’t really need a more in depth look at whoever CR decides to look at.

Reminds me of an article I read in CR where someone said Kall Kwik was rubbish (I thought there printing facility was fine) then in a talk with James Jarvis he says that you wait for them to write an article about you and then when they do it’s not what you wanted.

House of Cards Interactive

I hope you’ve all seen the new video by Radiohead, although I’m not really a fan of their music this video (and the interactive version on Google) is pretty cool stuff.

I realise I have a very erratic writing style but I can’t help myself, it’s just how my thought process works. Maybe I should spend more time and plan out posts rather than writing it on the spot. I’ve got some ideas that could do with being planned more.


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