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Every so often there are these certain companies that just have that charming feel about them. They work hard and try their best to stick to their values. Of the top of my head I can think of two such companies; Moo and Innocent.

I ran into Moo when they launched themselves using a LiveJournal promotion; you friend them and you get a set of 10 of their MiniCards for free.

Since then they’ve added quite a few more products to their collection and enrolled designers to make ready-made images for them and they just seem so charming.

They feel so down to earth and their products are very high quality, though this is just judging from that set of 10 I’m yet to buy a set of cards, shame on me. I am close to ordering, besides the I dot D cards I’ve been making I have an idea to mosaic together a photo from them as part of my Summer project.

Another company like this is Innocent, the smoothie company. Okay they have recently made a blunder by adding sugar to their McDonald’s sold drinks when they promised never to do such things but I like love them for everything else.

Not only are the drinks delicious but they approach the packaging in a fresh and quirky manner that I do admire.

Plus they are trying to get all their ingredients from morally sound suppliers.

Just a few observations there.

In other news I’m now on Twitter. Such fun!

One day they’ll release a ScrnShots application for Vista and I’ll start using that service.


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  Denise wrote @

Hello, just a thought – if you’re going to make a mosaic of MiniCards, this template might come in handy šŸ™‚

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