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Initial Problems

Well Apple sure had an eventful past few days. They tried to roll out about four different things and most of them failed and fell to pieces. Of course I suppose I can’t imagine the complexity of rolling out all their new stuff in so many territories. But still, you thought they could.

So this week saw the introduction of the iPhone 3G, the 2.0 firmware for iPhone and iPod Touch and the new MobileMe service. Of these I think only MobileMe is still having difficulties. Not sure about the condition of the web app services but I still can’t the update for my Mac.

The iPhone firmware 2.0 came out early on some channels but seemed glitchy. This was happening as the iPhone 3G began rolling out in early timezones. Then MobileMe tried to come online and failed. As the 11th rolled round into later timezones the system crashed, this was as they released the firmware officially for old iPhones, this process deactivated old phones and with the system that activates the phones out this left a lot of people with no phone. The iPod Touch update also came out about then but was using the same server so that failed as well.

Eventually things crawled back online.

What I don’t understand is how things always go wrong on these launches. Hasn’t Apple learnt by now, and didn’t they realise that a global launch of four key things was going to put a hefty strain on things and perhaps they should run a back up? Or did they need so many servers they couldn’t afford a back up?

All a bit odd but now I have an iPod Touch with the latest firmware and it’s all very fun. I’m also sorely tempted to get an iPhone 3G but I’m on a previous contract and I’m a poor University student who can’t afford £30 a month. Though after my previous contract I could perhaps get a job to cover the costs.

Well it was an eventful few days.


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