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On the Internet this week. For my Summer project it’s a sort of reoccuring page where I write about something I found on the Internet. It’s can be anything from the Internet that I’ve found interesting, though it’s often sourced from either Reddit, Digg or the Viral Video chart. This week I thought I’d take a look at two unusual videos.

First up is the Discovery channel advert. I mean sure it’s a pretty popular video, and if you watch American TV you’ve probably seen it.

It’s just such a nice feel good video. Hope they make more in a similiar vein. I like what it inspired too, especially the xkcd comic response, I saw that comic before I’d seen the advert.

Secondly is the GTA-style Coke advert which is another imaginative take on advertising, I prefer these adverts to the Coca-Cola factory style ones, they seem a little bit overdone. Especially that new 3 minute 30 second affair.

Here’s a useful tip you may or may not know, if you want to download a YouTube video’s MP4 file then you just need this bit of script as a bookmark. Bookmark this page and then change the address entry if there isn’t an option in your browser.


Click it on the video page and a small link will appear near the embed code. Save file as ‘whatever.mp4’ and you’re good to go.

Eventually I’ll catch up to even more current things but I’m still working through a list of ideas I had since setting up this blog.


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