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It’s strange to think really, but before seeing films like Love Actually I wasn’t that interested in books or possessing them. I always thought that the Internet has a lot of the information I need, but it doesn’t really.

You see in films like Love Actually most of the main characters are artists or the like and in the background there are often these great stacks and full shelves and books and it adds character.

Love Actually

Perhaps this is somehow related to the writers or maybe artists and designers are just meant to be more interesting people. Anyway that’s not what I’m on about. The books are what’s important here.

Until recently I have not taken books seriously but everytime I go into town now I end up buying a book. Most recently was the superb book ‘Things I Have Learnt in my Life So Far‘ by Stefan Sagmeister.

The lessons are visually presented then are followed by a short block of text explaining it, short little lessons that I’m sure will come in handy.

Another book that I’ve bought and enjoyed reading through (although unrelated to design itself) is the ‘25×4, Channel 4 at 25‘ published by Culture Shock Media. With the 4od service I’ve been watching through some of Channel 4’s best programming and I never realised how good the Channel was.


The thing I most like about the book though is it’s presentation and choice of media. It’s a very tactile book using what almost feels like Sugar paper with full bleed spreads and strong colours throughout it’s an excellent book in terms of visual identity.

Well that’s a brief introduction to the books I own. More posts like these will come.


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