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Well with MobileMe set to go live sometime today I thought now would be a good oppurtunity for me to say how good it looks set to be. There are probably alternatives that I’ve never heard of but Apple’s solution seems the most streamlined and easy to use.

The thing that held me back in the past was the lack of Windows support but now that it’s browser based it can be accessed anywhere.



What is particularly appetising is the file storage because for some reason my Vista machine and Mac laptop don’t talk to each other over the network so I’m forced to transfer files between them using a flash drive. Sure I’m got a PowerToy on my Vista machine that automatically syncs the new stuff but it’s still a pain.

PowerToy can be found here.

Having access to iCal and my Contacts book will be a bonus as well.

And for £69 it’s hardly going to break the bank. Which is always important to me as soon I’m going to have to be making a £900 payment for next year’s house. It’s a nice place but £450 of security deposit and admin is painful.

Still I’m a little worried about Apple’s security after this episode I found on, hardly inspires confidence.

With MobileMe of course comes the ability to host a website which could perhaps be a good place to put a Portfolio.


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