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Mac: one year on

Well today marks one year since I bought my MacBook Pro, it was only a few days after they’d released the Santa Rosa touting ones, I didn’t get the Penryn equipped ones because they came out too late. Still as long as you had it on a table rather than your lap (they even warn you about this) it wasn’t painful to use.

I’m not much of a laptop person, perferring the ease of use of a standalone keyboard and gaming precision mouse, but I originally chose to get Mac laptop because being a Mac I thought it would fit in better with Winchester’s network and because I wouldn’t miss the lack of game support because I don’t like playing games on laptops.

Initially I found the ease of use and simplicity a boon but after building my custom PC and installing Vista (it’s a misunderstood OS) I found them comparable, not to say that I found XP lacking; just not very pretty. And that’s all it is, you need the hardware for the pretty eye candy that comes with Vista, after that it’s fine. Though UAC is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen.

I do now have Leopard by the way.

If I was forced to choose between Leopard and Vista, I think I would choose Vista but mainly because I’m used to using that OS in a desktop environment.

Got to say the EeePC Desktop looks good. A £200 pound desktop is always tempting. And in a lovely shade of red too!

Eee PC Desktop


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