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Passing the time

Well ahead of me lies a vast expanse of time known as the Summer holidays. Course Britain being the classy country it is it’s been raining the past week, but that won’t dampen my spirits, just my hair, that’s generally uncontrollable anyway. But to keep me occupied during the Summer months I have a few plans to do with the Summer project that WSA set me before I left.


One such idea is the Globe. You see for my Book project I made two books, one contained elements similiar to this photo and the other with Stickmen illustrations inject into normal everyday scene I took photos of whilst the weather was nice (very nice at that). You can see one such scene here.

As part of the Stickmen book I designed there world (this was based on earlier work I’d done in the project where I got an old second hand book and vandalised it somewhat, sorry book lovers).

The globe I drew (seen below) featured some standard reoccuring components (my ‘globe’ drawings always did when I was younger).

These are: a mountain with clouds, an exploding volcano, a large island with a spine of mountains, an artic region to the south, a smaller island and a series of yet smaller islands.

Globe drawn for Stickman world

So my aim is to construct a 3D Polysterene globe, I’ll start with a ball of Polysterene I’ve seen at my local Hobby Craft then I’ll build onto this with various bits and bobs, I’ll break into my modelling supplies I accumulated during the years I played Warhammer (I collected for quite a few years, could never stick to one side).

I haven’t actually got anymore schemes in my mind so for now I’ll leave it at this.


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