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Well just something quick, a friend of mine is doing an Internship at an NXP office in Southampton, at University he studies Computer Science and he’s great but that’s not the focus of this post. Apparently he’s working on a toolkit that comes with their chips.

Turns out NXP chips get into most mobile phones, including the iPhone, though I’m not so sure about the credibility of that. Edit: Well here’s the proof that there’s an NXP chip in the iPhone: board. They do the Power Management.

Anyway my friend at NXP asked me to design a 32×32 icon that goes along with the tools used by phone developers. I mean I hope he’s right and it’ll be in most places but there just a little bit of doubt in my mind about that.

So if you ever see the icon below then you know it was from me.

Update: Seems that the person in charge likes it so much that they want a larger version for the manual that comes with the toolkit. So I’ve been busy crafting the larger vector icon (I only made the 32×32 icon as is so I had to start anew).

Well I’ve finished the back and forth of auditing the design I think so below you can see the final logo for their Charli toolkit.


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