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I dot Design, Create, Wonder, Plan and Dream.

Setting up

Well first up an introduction. I’m Craig Baldwin an 18 year old second year at the Winchester School of Art studying Graphic Arts and Photography but specialising in Graphic Design and the use of Aperture and Final Cut Studio.

Before going to University I went to Brockenhurst College and studied a strange combination of Further Mathematics, Physics and Photography. It was whilst in Photography that I learnt how to use Photoshop and upon arriving at University was already able to effectively use it.

Since coming to University I have started to develop an understanding of Flash, InDesign, Illustrator and Final Cut Studio. I am a pretty tech savvy person able to understand Computers and built upon this I can learn most techincal things quickly and effeciently.

Winchester School of Art

Winchester School of Art

As a person I like music and games a lot and like a small gathering of friends but tend to shy away from the loudly social and outgoing events, more content instead with a quiet evening watching a movie or talking.

Well that was a small introduction at best but it’s a vague outline and I’m sure more will come. But in the meantime I’ll leave it at that.


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